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Since 1960, G.Apostolico & C.Tanagro s.n.c. company has exploited their own mineral deposits of campanian ignimbrite, sited in South Italy by the North-East side of the Vesuvio, widespread over about 200.000 m2.
This volcanic deposit was emplaced about 30.000 years ago after a huge eruption of Campi Flegrei , post-eruptive mineralization processes led to the crystallization of a precious minerals called “ zeolite “; this word derives from Greek << zeo-lithos >> that means << boiling stone >>
But what are zeolites?
Zeolites are hydrated alkaline and alkaline-earth aluminosilicates with exclusive chemical-physical properties as: high cationic exchange capacity and considerable attitude to water absorption and desorption.
These properties come from an unusual crystalline structure, characterized by cavities and channels which host extremely mobile ions and water molecules.
For their features, zeolites have found in the last years considerable applications in zootechny, agriculture as well as some environmental fields, leading the scientific and commercial interests to unimaginable dimension up to some years ago.
In order to guarantee the quality of our zeolite products, our company respects two essential rules:

  • strict characterization of the mineral deposits
  • wise manufacture of the raw materials and updated technologies.

The program on which our company has organized his project consists in: full experience and high professional advices.



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